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Marketing isn’t just a set of “things” is what you do, it’s what you are, it’s what you become, in other words, a Lifestyle. Writing plays a good part of it because this is how you’ll engage people most of the time so you better get it straight. You must start doing things differently in order to improve, if you don’t improve you stagnate, if you stagnate you get left behind.

The following is an article showcasing what habits or changes you can start doing right now, starting today in order to help yourself become more creative and bring to the table better and more powerful content.

Content Marketing: 10 Daily Habits to Create More Powerful Content

Marketing is a game of inches. We tweak a headline to get fifty more clicks. Add visual interest for ten more subscriptions. Change the button on the landing page to get five more conversions. All the little gains add up over time to generate real results.

Writing more effective copy is a game of inches, too. You don’t write Twilight one week and Moby Dick the next. Instead, every day you can work to be a little bit better than the day before.

The tricky part is if you’re not steadily improving your writing, you’re actively moving backward. There’s no such thing as maintaining the status quo—it’s self-improvement or bust.

The following ten daily habits can help you make steady incremental improvement. Try as many as you can for 28 days, and be amazed at how those daily inches add up.

10 Daily Habits to Create More Powerful Content

#1: Read at Least One Marketing Article

There is a massive amount of informative marketing content out there, with more coming every day. These articles can help inform and improve your marketing, but that’s not the only reason to read them.

How It Helps: Marketing articles are really content marketing targeted at marketers. And it’s hard to market to marketers. We already know the ways copy can be persuasive. We soak in it. So effective marketing posts with thousands of shares are guaranteed to have top-notch writing. Read more…


You can come up with your own ideas. Just start asking yourself questions like “How could I become more involved?” “What can I do in that time interval to remind me of Marketing?”

There may be a time when you have to wait for someone or something, in that time you can check your Twitter feeds to see what other entrepreneurs are doing and finding. “The more you invest your time in marketing the more marketing you become.” Zen.

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