Making Your Content More Interesting Makes it More Authentic


Your content is great and interesting and your readers love to read it. Sometimes it’s a great idea to spice it up and add new things to it like a show slider or infographics. Images are always welcomed!

There are a lot of tips out there showing you how to sparkle your posts with interesting graphics and make them more interactive. You can outsource or download some templates and edit them to suit your needs. Just don’t go too crazy with that. It should be somewhere around 80% your content and 20% something related to that like another post or image, a free ebook and so on.


10 free tools for creating infographics

Don’t have hours to spare crafting something beautiful in Photoshop? We select tools that won’t cost you a penny…

For all the importance we place on text, it’s an indisputable fact that images are processed in the brain faster than words. Hence the rise and rise of the infographic which, at its best, transforms complex information into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing. No wonder magazine readers and web visitors love the best infographics.

The only problem is, infographics that look like they were simple to make are often anything but. Creating something beautiful and instantly understandable in Photoshop CC is often beyond the limits that time allows. Which is why it’s occasionally useful to use a quick and dirty infographics tool to speed up the process.

We’ve selected our favourites here. They’re all free, or offer free versions. Let us know which ones you get on best with…Read more…


You should do the same for your social media pages, especially social media. People skip fast trough the posts and if they are plain text and don’t have an image or something to attract the eye your post could go easily unnoticed even as great as it is.


Expert Design Tips For Your Social Media Images

You already know that images and visuals make your content more shareable on social media. But you can’t just add any photo to your posts and hope for the best.

Low-quality, blurry, or poorly edited images simply won’t cut it. To make sure your social media strategy is being enhanced instead of dragged down by your visuals, we consulted Hootsuite designers Jocelyn Aarnoutse and Brenda Wisniowski for some expert tips.

Design tips for highly shareable social media images

Choose color carefully

Color can either make or break your marketing efforts. Researchers found that 90 percent of snap judgments made about a product can be based on color alone. Not only that but “the relationship between brands and color hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the color being used for the particular brand.“

When choosing color themes for image components such as text or graphics, you need to consider your brand. For best results, align colors with your brand guidelines and voice.

For example, if you are a light-hearted, inspirational, and creative brand, using bright and cheerful colors is appropriate. If your brand is for rugged and outdoorsy types, you might want to choose an earthier palette to convey this.

Hootsuite graphic designer Jocelyn Aarnoutse explains: “When you first go to a brand’s Instagram page, for example, you’re judging it based on the entire grid. You aren’t looking at individual images as much as you are seeing the overall look and feel of the page. Make sure this immediately conveys the tone and visuals of your brand.” Read more…


Also, include your brand or website name everywhere you can, just don’t go crazy about it. A simple mention is enough. I made a post about the importance of branding if you’re interested you can read it here.

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