Do You Feel Like Your Facebook Profile is Stagnating? Here are Some Tips And Tricks To Fix That


mail-566337_1280You’ve built a nice facebook page with quite an audience, your creating content and it gets the sales. The only problem is that whatever you do the speed growth of your audience is very slow. Here are some tips and tricks that I found and you can use to increase your audience.

Of course! There are a lot of methods out there and doing them is a matter of needs, preferences and time.

Always take noted of wat you are doing and what works best so that you can go back and get some ideas with what works better. Ideas that you could use in your next business opportunity.

50 Free Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

There are now an estimated 40 million small businesses using Facebook to promote their brand and connect with their customers. If you’re managing marketing for one of these businesses, you already know how hard it is to attract new “likes” to your page.

But while it can be a challenge to increase your page likes, making the effort is undoubtedly worthwhile: one researcher has estimated the average value of a single Facebook fan at $174. While this number obviously varies depending on the business and industry, there’s no doubt that capturing the attention and loyalty of your target audience on Facebook is important.

Most marketers know how to increase Facebook page likes through Facebook’s paid ad platform, but there are plenty of ways to grow your likes without spending any money. This article will walk you through 50 effective and free ways to increase your Facebook page likes. Some of these strategies will focus on increasing your organic post reach – because the more your posts get liked and shared, the more your reach and visibility increase. And ultimately, this is what will lead to the organic growth of your page. Read more…


It’s quite a read but in one hour I think that you will find yourself already putting into practice.

Here’s another read that I saw and liked.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Social Media Followers

Ask any marketer – or better yet, any person – what one thing they would change about their social media accounts if they could. More often than not, the answer will be the same: 

More Followers.  

Increasing your social media followers is a continuous battle, but there are ways to make it easier. In this post, I’m going to list 3 easy ways to increase your social media following that you may not have thought of.

1. Share the Love 

A great way to increase your following is to show an interest in other people’s social media accounts. If you like, comment, and retweet people’s posts, they’ll notice you, and some of them, in turn, will follow you. 

When using Twitter to get noticed by a wider net than your followers and your followers’ friends, search for hashtags that are relevant to your brand…Read more…


As you can see there are a lot of methods to choose from, the only thing is that you must be on the lookout, try and experiment with new tools and techniques. I think that internet marketing can be brought to a personal level where you can try your own methdos.

Doing this you might find a new technique and change the game for thousands of people. That’s how all the good techniques are born.

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